Jared Shoemaker
Academy of Rugby

Mentoring youth through the sport of Rugby.

About the Jared Shoemaker Academy of Rugby

The Jared Shoemaker Academy of Rugby is a collaborative organization founded by members of the Tulsa Rugby community. Named for a club member and Tulsa Police officer who lost his life serving with honor and distinction in the U.S. Marine Corps. Our objective is to instill Jared’s values of honor and dedication into today’s youth, and to help them find a positive path through life’s challenges.


  • To promote rugby to the youth of Tulsa

    and establish a youth rugby program as a means for the new players to become involved in honorable traditions of the sport.

  • To provide specific opportunities for a professional career

    in Rugby, & health and fitness including educational scholarships.

  • To provide opportunities for education

    employment, and further training to all participants of the Academy engagement program whilst maintaining a strong, supportive environment to sustain them on their journey.

  • To grow the reach of rugby

    to as wide and young an audience as possible to prolong the life of the sport in Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

The Jared Shoemaker Academy of Rugby encourages and promotes values that are good for youth.

Hard Work





Overcoming Adversity












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We are also always looking for more youth to get involved, as well as parents and other mentors who are interested in helping us promote positive values to our future leaders. Please email us at info@shoemakeracademy.org , or call us at 1-800-465-7270 with any questions or comments about how you can get involved today.

Jared Shoemaker Academy of Rugby is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. All donors will receive an emailed receipt for tax purposes.

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